Zeva was our first PWD.  The pretty girl who started it all.  The girl we drove hours in a snowstorm to bring to her new forever home with us. She was a beautiful white wavy girl with black ears and one black eye. When she came to us, we still had five boys at home.  She was loved immensely.  We lost Zeva in May 2018.  I still think of her everyday.  She loved her eggs every morning, the pond, the beach and just riding around with mom and she was wicked good at falling to the ground and playing dead when dad said bang💜.  While Zeva was perfect to us, she was not a good breeding prospect.


Amada’s Pink Champagne and Chocolate Kisses 

Kiah is our brown baby girl….or our Chocolate Princess as we like to call her.  The first pup born from our New Year – New Beginnings Litter she stole our hearts from the start.  She walks with a cute twist of her hind end just like her momma Sadie (for which she got the nickname “wiggles”) and has the same low “voice” (and she’s not afraid to use it). She also got her momma’s awesome jumping ability.  She’s very cuddly, gives big sloppy kisses and loves fetch! She’s also been an amazing momma and has whelped our biggest litter of ten – the Boomerang Litter.


And…. Introducing our newest addition…..


Amada’s Bondi Beach Babe

Piper is one of only two girls from our Boomerang Litter whelped on New Year’s Day! Dam is our girl Kiah and Sire is Australian Sup CH Rulett Set Thsails ForOz ET “Wombat”.  Upon completion of all health and genetic testing, Piper will become part of our breeding program.


Ambereyes Magic Before the Night CGC

Sadie was imported from Hungary and was the first block in our breeding program foundation.  She whelped two healthy litters with us before retiring and spending her free time enjoying botanical gardens.  Sadie completed her Canine Good Citizen and participated in Confirmation.  She is an amazing jumper – scaling a four foot fence 24 hours after whelping a litter of nine.


Autumn’s Brown-Eyed Girl

Zoey is an absolute sweetheart! She has the biggest, brownest, most soulful eyes.  You could literally get lost in them. She’s a master howler and swimmer and “talks” to us a lot!  Her favorite thing to do is be brushed and go for rides. She acts as a nanny for the other moms’ pups during weaning and she’s super! She acts as mother hen to the older dogs also.  Zoey has proven to be a fantastic mother to her own litters just as we knew she would💜


Amada’s Here Comes the Sun

Zyla is our water baby and our Zyla bear!  She’s also our wild child! She’s willing to try most anything and whoa can she run fast.  All you have to do is look at her and she falls on her back….belly rubs will win you a friend for life💜 as will neverending games of fetch!  Water is her friend! She loves loves loves the water – any water, anywhere, any time of year💦.  She’s our smallest girl at a steady 39 pounds.  Zyla has been an amazing mother to her own pups and is a super nanny like her “sister” to the other girls’ pups.


Sundowns Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay
Zach is a major cuddler💜. He is Sadie’s son from her first litter.  He is so very comical and can be a bit of a clown at times.