We are so happy that all of our gorgeous puppies from our Fall Paws Litter have been placed with their perfect, forever families🥰.

Our Fall Paws Litter was whelped 10/13/19.  The dam is our girl Zoey and the sire is our boy Zach! Together they produced nine stunning, healthy pups.

One Week Old9 Healthy Puppies: 4 males and 5 females

On day 3 of their little lives, we began ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) by following the Puppy Culture Protocol.  New experiences every day will assist us in raising well adjusted puppies!  Likewise, the puppies will be well socialized with older dogs as well as with many human visitors both young and old.

All nine puppies had their eyes open at 11 days and now can all hear. At three weeks, they get their first taste of goat’s milk and shortly thereafter will start their gruel.  This is also the time they will move to their weaning pen.  Very exciting time for these young pups and us!