Our Sweet Treats Litter was whelped October 16, 2020. Five handsome guys and one beautiful little girl🥰  Our dam is Amada’s Here Comes the Sun and the sire is Sundowns Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay. We are so very happy that all of these precious pups have been placed with amazing forever families!

Momma and her babies🥰

Just as with our other litters, the little sweets were started on goat’s milk at three weeks old. For the first few days, they basically walk in it (more like fall in it LOL) and then proceed to lick it off each other. But that’s okay because that’s how they learn they like it!

Three-Four weeks is also the hardest on momma.  The pups are seeing and beginning to hear and they’re growing quickly. The goat’s milk gives momma a little bit of help.

Puppies use their mouths to discover things…which is good until they start getting teeth (which in puppies can feel like little razor blades).

Mr Caterpillar talks and lights up! Interactive toys like this are great for the puppies!

The snuffle mat allows them to work by sniffing out their treat (or it’s a great way to feed them)! It keeps them busy as well as their minds!