Thumper – Whelped 4/16/22

Sire: Sundowns Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Dam: Autumn’s Brown-Eyed Girl

Many of you may remember over a year ago that our Zoey had a beautiful litter of two – Gia and Rio (fka Gianni). We were quite surprised at only two as previously she had two litters of nine and chalked only two puppies up to bad progesterone timing. After much consultation with Dr Hutchison at Animal Clinic Northview, we decided to try one fourth and final time. Our hope was to keep a girl from Zoey (we made a big mistake not doing that from her first litter). Zoey had complete pre-breeding bloodwork (thyroid, etc), cytology, progesterone tests, LH surge tests and then surgical AI. By doing surgical, the Dr was able to actually hold her uterus and check it out for any issues. She, in fact, did have the “bubble wrap” as mentioned in the attached article and it was popped during the procedure. The “bubble wrap” was preventing implantation. So, She was inseminated and the Dr said there was a 50/50 chance for puppies. 34 days later at her ultrasound we were told there were two puppies. Day 63, she had one beautiful little boy (13.1 ounces, all black with just a pencil eraser size of white on his chest). There was no second puppy present – whether there were really never two or the second was resorbed, we do not know. We are very saddened that we will not have one of Zoey’s girls as our own. Zoey is a great girl and a phenomenal mother but thankfully she’s okay and we still have her💗 Our little “Thumper” who was born the day before Easter (April 16) is doing well and gaining weight. He’s a great suckler and very strong. We have had a rough few days. She has done well at stimulating him to eliminate but will only feed him if we’re right beside her touching her. Also, her milk production has been minimal. Hormones are definitely responsible for this because as I said above she is a phenomenal mother to even litters not her own. So we’ve been supplementing the little guy every 1 1/2-2 hours. Today, Day 5, momma’s mothering and hormones are kicking in. We have not supplemented him since 1:40 this am but we are monitoring his weight every 2-3 hours in case we need to jump in. Meet Thumper💜

Thumper is doing amazing! He’s nearly eight weeks old and ten pounds! Doing super with potty training and still tries to catch a sip from momma lol. His favorite thing is to try and catch her tail😂. She does not think it’s funny!