WINTER 2020/2021 🐶

Contact us today about adding your name to our waiting list so perhaps you can add the perfect four-legged companion to your family!  Also, check out our litter pages to see our past, precious pups🐾

Our dams and sires are AKC registered and genetically tested so that we can assure you that you are getting healthy, temperamentally sound puppies.

We are strong believers in Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). We begin the Puppy Culture Protocol on day three of their little lives.  We introduce them to as many new sights, sounds, situations and experiences as possible.  Likewise, socialization with many different people and animals are key to success.  The more new things they’re introduced to the better adjusted, happy puppies they’ll be🐾🐾

Puppies are $2,500.00 plus delivery (depending on your location) and Square App transaction fee (2.91%).  Puppies are placed with limited registration under a spay-neuter contract unless otherwise agreed upon and may leave for their forever homes after eight weeks of age. There is a $500.00 non-refundable deposit which may be applied to future litters to guarantee your puppy and is taken off the total balance.  All potential forever homes are approved by Amada PWDs prior to deposits being accepted. Full payment must be received one week prior to puppy pickup/delivery. Amada Portuguese Water Dogs reserves the right to void any agreement prior to contract being signed by both parties. Delivery by personal pet nanny is available.