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  1. Puppies from Amada PWDs are some of the smartest and well adjusted dogs. Almost from birth, each puppy is challenged and stimulated to become intelligent little balls of energy. Breeders who care and provide love to each and every pup: this is why I got our newest member of the family from them.

  2. We purchase our male Porti from Amada and could not be happier. As an experienced Havanese Breeder myself I know quality in a dog. Our Gunny is just that quality. He came pre-loved and healthy. Most important he had his vaccinations from Darci and Jeff’s vet. When looking for a new pup to add to your family this should be a priority. I highly recommend Amada. Also, keep an eye out for Gunny we hope to make him a Grand Champion. Deborah Lee Lenton.

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