It all started with Zeva🐾Amada Portuguese Water Dogs is located among the rolling hills of West Virginia alongside the mighty Ohio River.Our PWDs are raised in our home as part of our family.  Whatever we do – they do! They climb on the couch, they sleep in our bed, they vacation with the family, they help mom garden, they help dad clean the garage and they help look after the grandkids! They are a very important part of our day every day💜

We fell in love with the breed many years ago while searching for a hypoallergenic breed. It didn’t take us long to realize that the PWD was not just a perfect breed for us…but a perfect breed period!

Our first girl Zeva came to us many years ago and grew up with five human brothers.  Zoey came a few years later followed by Zyla, Zach, Sadie Lady and, most recently, Kiah.

PWDs are a lot of sunshine mixed with a tiny bit of wind and occasionally a hurricane. They are happiest when they are near “their person”! And might I add…they can be very vocal? It’s not at all uncommon for them to scope out water – be it their water dish, a pool, a pond, a puddle or an ocean – and, at least once, a bathtub and maybe a toilet!

Our pack loves to vacation in the Outer Banks!

And they’re always ready for Hocking Hills hiking!And ANY water is call for playtime!

But our everyday life is just as special and fun💜